Monday, 13 October 2008

Flag Fen Aftermath

The meeting at Flag Fen was this weekend just gone. I hadn’t been to the place before this weekend so took the time to have a look around. It is a lot smaller then I expected though very nice indeed. Before the meeting took place I said a few words at the murky lakeside, cast in an offering (a chalk pebble carved with a face in the iron age style – in keeping with the reconstructed house we were to spend our evening and night in) and then headed off to meet with the others who had gathered. The meeting as it was lasted about 6 hours and went on until about 1am, then some retired to cars filled with duvets whilst the brave slept in the roundhouse itself. Fuck it was cold. There was a horridly cold draught coming in under the eaves all night long, I slept fitfully and was glad to be home to a hot shower and my own bed the following afternoon. It was an interesting experience though not something I will be rushing to repeat during a similar time of year, unless I go with far more warm sleeping gear.

As to the meeting itself; Brython were well represented, as were Albion Conclave, also another couple of druid groups and a ‘stray’ who was very welcome and damn near indispensible in terms of advice and wisdom offered.

To summarise discussions; it was agreed that the ship that is modern druidry has long since set sail and is bound for who knows where. Therefore we will not be handing over our boarding passes and will be sticking to these fine shores. For those gathered it as firmly agreed that druid and druidry are no longer worthwhile terms to be used for ourselves. For myself, the term is meaningless, it is now at a stage of being anything to anyone and has nothing whatsoever in common with its original meaning and the responsibilities and roles that went with it. Druidry has come to be community where everyone wants to be the big cheese priest and there is no grass roots level belief or practice. Those gathered at Flag Fen were in agreement that what is needed is a ground upwards building of a community, tradition and a common uniting dogma on which to build. From that community, once it has found its feet and began to get going, the need for priesthood might arise and if it does then the community will find the priest it not only needs but also wants. No imposition of those claiming the title but the community itself naturally finding the right person. As it should be.

Brython is ploughing ahead with the development of this community and shared practice, lots is being discussed (over at the Caer Feddwyd site) and much is coming out of those discussions. All of it being wonderfully positive and perhaps more importantly, ‘feeling’ right for those involved in its synthesis.

Modern druidry and what it has become is right for some people, but not for many others and definitely not for me.

At some point when the next couple of monstrously busy weeks at work are over I will do a big update on my Baedd Gwyn website outlining all of this and direction we are headed in more detail.


Ancestral Celt said...

Glad to hear it went so well and I'm watching the conversations at Caer Feddwyd with interest.

Had I not had to work, I would have attended.

Lee said...

it was both fantastic and horrid. the cold wasnt fun.

CF has gotten VERY interesting of late hasnt it?

Bo said...

I'm certainly enjoying it!

Teyrnon said...

Good to have this account of proceedings Lee

Dark one said...
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Heretic pagan said...

You done well. The druids are frothing at the mouth. They can't justify the label

Bo said...

I've tagged you!