Monday, 1 September 2008

Just Like the Oscars... sort of.

Simone at Ancestral Celt has given me an award;

Which is very flattering indeed, however she says:
"although Lee posts are infrequent they are always worth reading as he expounds on his explorations through brythonic paganism. Thoughtful and thought-provoking, I am always glad to see a new post at this particular site"
which has suddenly made me feel very guilty about my laziness in posting here, hence this post and the one I will be putting up in a matter of minutes. It is nearly 1am, I have to be up at 7am but I am not at all tired. This bodes ill for my state of being at work tomorrow.

In return I have to nominate some blogs too. I don't read that many of them, though i do recommend:

Mark at The Beast's Expvlsions (or something like that) :) It should be fairly obvious why I have nominated Mark from a brief read of his posts. It also happened to be the blog which inspired me to starting spouting the whirrings that go on inside my head into a digital format.

Fog Bank might well be a controversial choice especially considering the 'history' between it's author, myself and others on the BBC Pagan message board over a period of about 7 years. I do think it makes for interesting reading and it is certainly challenging.

And of course Simone's blog Ancestral Celt , it has much in common with my own - a modern pagan's musings as they meander along a path of their own cutting (hacking, slashing and much machete waving is in order).


Fog Patches. said...

Does this mean that I have to curse people with my approval via nominations?

lee said...

im not sure to be honest, this is like one of those chain letters that used to do the rounds. eventually everyone will be getting the award and it becomes a pointless exercise.

i only did it for the glory.

Ancestral Celt said...

"... as they meander along a path of their own cutting (hacking, slashing and much machete waving is in order). "

Great choice of words, Lee. It sometimes does feel like your making your way through a thick jungle with little light from above. *LOL*