Sunday, 7 September 2008

"If we die, the world will be poorer"

I have just got in from watching Hellboy 2: the golden army. a damn good leave-your-brain-at-the-door-and-enjoy-the-action type film.

The premise is very simple; 1000’s of years ago man lived in harmony with the beings of the Otherworld (elves, trolls etc) until man grew greedy and started to age war and take over. King Balor of the elves had a huge and unstoppable army built who laid waste to man. Balor regretted his actions, called a truce and they lived side by side. Balor’s son Nuada wasn’t happy because he doesn’t trust humans. Roll on to modern day and Nuada is sick of seeing mankind trashing the landscape and encroaching into the land of the territory of the ‘Children of the Earth’. So he sets out to reanimate the Golden Army to sort out mankind once and for all. Enter Hellboy to stop him.

There is strong undercurrent of environmentalism here, the idea that we are having too strong an impact upon the world and are doing irreparable damage whilst remaining oblivious to the effects it is having on other lifeforms.

The scene with the ‘Forest God’ was quite moving, as were the words of Nuada at the end. You can detach all notions of pagan spirituality from the idea of preserving he planet, you can look at it from a purely atheistic viewpoint and still see the meaning in Nuada’s final words: "If we die, the world will be poorer"


Fog Patches. said...

Lee - tell me there are no spoilers in this entry, that is if there are no spoilers in this entry.

lee said...

nothing too spoilery. only one that perhaps approches some sense of spoilring.

dont read it until you have seen the film.

p.s look out for the toothfairies - they are the cutest little things. they are probably also a great representation of the fairies as seen by people prior to the victorians.

Anonymous said...

Lee - I was quite moved by the film. Prince Nuada was the right and just one here. We do trash the environment and he should have kicked our asses for it. I would have prefered to have seen a different ending. The world is a poorer place....