Monday, 1 September 2008

The Amberlady

Where to begin? Amberlady is a regular poster on both the BBC Pagan message boards and the Pagan Network message boards (no internal linking, I used up my ability quota on the last post) and as such I have had interaction with her for a number of years on and off and also seen a lot of her interaction with others. Amberlady describes herself as an atheist pagan; pagan in the sense that she holds to the pre-Christian values of strength, honour and truth. Atheist in the sense that she does not believe in deity per se, though thinks that if gods do exist that they are grand cosmic sentiences which exist throughout the cosmos largely oblivious and uncaring abut humans and their little endeavors. She also has pantheistic leanings too. I hope this is a fair portrayal of her. She is intelligent, very down to earth, sensible (not in the twee and patronising manner used to describe women 50 odd years ago), practical and someone whom had I only known her from her blog here or another older blogger one she had a couple of years ago which doesn't seem to exist anymore, I would probably like quite a lot and have a lot of respect for.

Her way of ‘doing’ things is rooted in reality and practicality; getting out there and doing what needs doing. An awareness of the world around you, the various tides and changes that occur curing the cycle of the seasons. What you might call a dirty fingernail approach to paganism. This certainly resonates with my own ideas, beliefs and way of seeing things. Hence why I would otherwise like her.

She has similar ideas about research, reading widely and not taking the modern pagan books without a pinch of salt or a good bullshit detector. All things I see merit and worth in. What I am trying to say is that essentially she is in theory a damn fine addition to the pagan community. Or at least she could be.

It’s getting far too late for this kind of thing so I think it best to finish tomorrow. Or later today as it now is

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Fog Patches. said...

I think that Amberlady’s position on Gods is identical with that of Epicurus and his followers and so in that sense it’s Classical Pagan. The ethics to which she subscribes are Classical Pagan as well, I would say, irrespective of the ethnicity of her preferred culture. We both agree that she is a bundle of virtue and it is a sign of this virtue that the only thing which her detractors can grab with which to confront the challenge which she presents to their image of themselves as pagan is the way in which she communicates her views.

More to come in response to your continuation of this subject.