Sunday, 27 July 2008

Quick and Easy

Just a quick update seeing as I haven't posted anything on here in over a month. Not much has been happening really, I have taken some time off to focus on the new job and just get on with real life and mundane things. I did some updates on my website; to tidy it up a little as some of the formatting was a bit iffy. I also updated the 'cult' pages to include material from the articles in did for Pentacle magazine. One other mini-project I started earlier in the month as a way of passing some time at work (cataloguing 500,000 specimens can become repetitive and needs breaking up into chunks with other activities) was to look at reconstructing a Cymric pantheon of sorts using continental and Romano-British sources, in a similar vein to Mochon. So for instance I have begun on the idea of the thunder god Taranon, during the course of which I stumbled upon something regarding Gwythyr the eternal combatant with Gwyn ap Nudd. Previously I had never given him much thght but it seems he may be the rememant of a memory of a Romano-British deity. Anyway, more to come on that as and when.

Next weekend I am off to the Pentacle Lammas camp in Ravenswood, Herts. for the weekend. it should be nice to get away for a couple of ays and play in th woods with an open fire. I will of coure be aking the customary corn king to be burned on the fire and have his ashes scattered opn the fields surrounding the woods

I will post some pics and sme info when I get back next sunday.


Bo said...

Hope you have a good time! I'd go with Taranis (attested) rather than unattested **Taranon. The -onos suffix seems to have been attached only to human attributes or professions - divine mother, son, farmer, smith, lord, sanctuary-keeper, etc, rather than to natural phenomena (cf. 'Sulis' , 'Sun', not **'Sulona').

lee said...

you are damn handy to know :)

had a great time, got home to a street full of polic - some guy had been stabbed and died outside my house :s

Ancestral Celt said...

I look forward to seeing the pics, since I could not attend the camp (being in the far north of the country at the time).

Bo said...

Christ! That's awful!

Bo said...

If you wanted 'Divine Beer-maker' it would probably be *Curumonos, btw... (W. *Cwrfon).

lee said...

its is a little shocking, mainly because our street and general area usually quiet and considering we are slap between Brixton and Camberwell it isnt all that rough.

will make a note of the Divine Brewer one - i might be having a go at making wine again soon. tried a lemon verbena home brew wine over the weekend and it was fantastic.