Friday, 6 June 2008

The Owl Strikes Back

It seems Blodeuedd is flitting about in a couple of peoples minds lately, mine plus Bo With that in min i decided it was time to get writing the article I have been promising myself to write for Pentacle Magazine for ages.

The man thrust of the article is that there is a strong parallel streak between the story of Blodeuedd and Lilith of Jewish myth. Actually there is far more to it than I had thought - the strong and self minded sexuality, the taking control of their own destiny and refusal to follow the path laid before them by someone else. Then of course there are the owls; both ladies are associated with them.

I did some light digging and have found references to owls and sexuality and bad omen in Welsh folklore - in fact a lot of European folklore too. Anyway, the point is I am writing for the magazine and not here so had better get on with it and stop posting the spoilers here.

Probably the only image of Blodeuedd I actually like!

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