Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Black Sow

Hwch Ddu Gwta a Ladi Wen heb ddim pen
Hwch Ddu Gwta a gipio'r ola
Hwch Ddu Gwta nos G'langaea

Lladron yn dwad tan weu sana

A tail-less Black Sow and a White Lady without a head
May the tail-less black sow snatch the hindmost.

A tail-less black sow on winter's eve,

Thieves coming along knitting stockings.

Why a tailless black sow? What is the relevance of that? This was posed to me the other day and I have no idea. I guess it illustrates nicely that although e have remnant of myth and folklore, they have lost context and meaning in a way we can only guess at. Originally the porcine tail imagery held some meaning or significance in this poem but nowadays e have no idea. If it was a boar then the tail-less would be clear euphemism for emasculation, for a sow though it is a different matter. The only thing I can think of i that back home we used to dock the tails of male piglets to mark them out, I don’t know of anyone else does this or if it was common in the past too. IF so then it might be a suggestion of a beast out of place in the world, marked as one thing when in fact she is another and evidently none too pleased about it too.

Time Flies

Urgh... over a months since I posted anything last. Shocking display of laxity, mind you, if I don’t have anything to post then I have no need to so.

Ok, so catch up time. What’s has been going on - not all that much really, work was very busy up until 2 weeks ago when I handed in my notice and left. I have just had 2 weeks off being lazy and slothful as I am now in between jobs, that’s the wonderfully middle class way of saying jobless, however in my case it very literal and true as I am due to start a curatorship at the Natural History Museum as the curator or assistant curator of their Brachiopods though that site doesn’t do justice to their diversity and prettiness. So, all in all i'm bloody chuffed about it. This is literally a dream job, it gets my foot in the door and something awesome on my CV, this is probably my chance at a career in palaeontology and not to go at it with both hands would be fucking insane.

The Beltane Bash has been and gone, was far quieter in many respects this year which is a shame. Mind you, we got lots of positive feedback about running the catering. Good good. Also, a certain pest was there too and watching him hanging abut outside the food area waiting for me to leave so he could go in turned out to be a highlight. Childish I know but what the hell, its Beltane.