Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Fad Crafting

Well the Portsmouth thing didn't really take off. i spent a week there and then one day the following week, as it happens i have a new project to work on in Richmond and so will not have to live in a hotel. it's a small mercy in some ways.

i just read over the Hotel I/II posting and to be honest i don't remember writing a big chunk of it, the whole section beginning: "This wary lady is flitting..." very odd indeed. oh well. i have done some experimentation with incense and have abandoned the idea of a burned incense. the smell was too strong and smoky- as you might expect - for what i want. i will therefore be having a go at oils. perhaps in a couple of weeks when I'm off at a friends for the weekend, she has a great stash of essential oils and I'm sure she wont mind me playing with them for a bit.

in other terribly exciting news - i am now the co-subject of a bitchcraft campaign!

a 'man' by the name of Andrew Bamber (London) claims to be a hereditary brythonic cunning man/traditional witch. bullshit and double bullshit. he was new on the pagan scene a fw years ago and i even remember selling him some beginning type books at the Beltane Bash, i also spent time talking to him and quite probably used the 'Brythonic' term with him within the pagan religion context - hence i think this is where he got it from. it isn't common in this context and as far as i know there are only a few sites that use it: this blog, my own website and the Caer Feddwyd/Brython websites.the whole concept of a brythonic cunning man trad-crafter is absurd in itself.i called him out on this. he has since been rather repulsive in him comments, started a poetry competition aimed at deriding me and another person and is generally out to piss me off. suffice to say i WILL be ending this. all in good time and all in bad ways.

p.s Bo - this is what you are missing! see! the pagan scene!


Bo said...

Gawd! Dear me. This chap rings a bell from somewhere but I can't recall where. Why can't people just grow up? Don't let the bastards get you down, Lee!

lee said...

nah, he wont get me down. its laughable really, he is just an annoying twunt buzzing within my life right now. he will piss of eventually of his own accord and disappear inot the shadows again.

he is a largely built welsh guy, walks with a bit of a limp and tends to wear fgoth/vampire cloths, brocade waistcoats etc. a google search will turn him up in a few places.

Anonymous said...

No Mystery am I
No Light Below
Yet Light have I
Stars in the Sky
A Star am I
Moon in the Sky
the Moon am I
Sun in the Sky
the Sun am I
A Wheel in the Sky
the Wheel am I
Above and Below
The Sky am I
Shadows Below
No Shadow am I
I am the sky

I am the Blue Mountains
I am the Blue Stones
I am the Groves that Still Stand in Memory
I am the Oak and Magic Berries
I am the Oaks in Magic Groves of Oaks
I am Oaks in the Starlight
I am Oaks in the Moonlight
I am Oaks in the Sunlight
I am the Fairest of Trees
I am Strong as the Oak
I am Strong as Stone
I am Every Tree in the Wood
I am the royal Oak and Magic Berries
I am the Music of Enchantment
Lord of the Sidhe
Wild untamed and Free

With dew on my branch in morning
I am Showers of Dew on the Grass
I am Wives in May Fields
I am keeping women in childbirth
I am Wind that is warm in the Night
I am calling in the Dark
I am Passions Sound
I am keeping a womans love
I am Passion In Womens Heart
I am Healing with the Magic of Healing
I am Hidden Knowledge of the Sidhe
I am Knowledge of Healing
I am Hours in Magic thought
I am Old women in Mountains
I am waters that are pure
I am Every Tree in the Wood
I am leaves of Healing
I am Love in a Healing Touch
I am Cystals and Herbs
I am musical Birds
I am Songs of Healing
I am words of Health
I am health

Nine Maidens Tending the Cauldron

In drawn breath
I am The Whisper of the First Sound
Song of Nine Maidens Warming the Cauldron
Restoring the Slain to Life:

I am the New Moon
I am the Green Moon
I am Rain and Leaf
I am Love
Wind in the Rain
Apples in Bloom
Sweet Song of the Wren
Life that is New
Young and Innocent
I Dance in Rainbows
A Maiden am I in the Spring
A Lover am I to the Flowers
I laugh in the Spring
I am the Spring Child in Green
I am the Voice of Childhood Dreams
I am the Full Moon
Mothers Milk
Years in Youth
Home and Hearth
Fire and Skill
Kings Comfort in Summer
I am Noise in the Wood
Lovers in Marriage
Women in white
Men in Green
Horses in flight
Kings in the mead Hall
Stories of the afternoon
Knights in jest
Druids in magic groves
I am the Moon that is small
The Moon that is Gold and White
Royal Blood on the Sword
I am the Thorns and the Mist in the Air
Death on the wind
I am Magic Songs in the Circle
I am Mistletoe and Mead
Mothers in Mourning
Roads to the South
The Door in the South Island
Wind in the Night
Mist on the Hill
Stars in the Air
Snakes on the Roads
I am the Adders Secrets among the Stones
I am the Mistletoe in Oaks
I am the Music of Enchantment
And the Road to the Kings Hall
I am the Moon that is Silver
I am Branches in Air
I am Nuts in the Water
I am a Salmon in a full pool
I am a Well in the Root of Life
I am Old in Wisdom
I am Power in Knowledge
I am High in the Mind of Man
I am the Master of Music
I am the Master of Magic
I am the king that has been
I am the king that will be
I am true master of the sidhe
I am the Moon that is Red
I am Harvest in Fall
Grain in Sheaves
Sickles in Silver
Calls in the Fields
Fruit in the Basket
Magic Moments in Life
Mice in the Light
Tying the White Cord of Life
Birds in Flight
I am the Moon that is Black
I am Light in the Hall
Master of the Dead
Wind that is Mad
I am Yesterdays Life
Tommorrows Birth
I am older than Light
I am No Mans Hope
I am Stars that are Cold
I am Wind that is Still
I am the Same Master in Light
I am King of the Night
I am Guide to the Dead
I am The Hunter on the Horse
I am the light in the mind
I am the last Sign of the Magic Time
I am Silver and Bright
I am Swift as Light
I am Invincible in mighty Armour
I am the Moon that is King
I am the Moon that is Mother
I am Making the New Moon
I am the New Moon in the Old Moons Arms
I am the Moon that is Not There
I am the Magic Moon
I am the Cauldron
I am the King
I am the Queen
I am the Child of Sun and Moon
I am the Moon that is Cold
I am Frost in the Lake
I am Snow in the Wind
I Am Hearths in Houses
I Am Women in Kings Halls
I am Lessons in Lore
I hold the Key to this Door
I am the Moon that is Wind
I am Wind in the Trees
I am Wind in Storms of Ice
I am the Wolf in the Wind
I am the last Risen King
I am the Last Messenger Mighty and Sharp
I am the Keeper of Storms Might
I am the Hearth Light
I am Waking in Sleep
I am the Moon that is Grey
I am Grey and Rough
I am Hard and Tough
I am Low in the Womb
I am Mist in the Moon
I am Pain in the womb of the sea
I am Breaking waves on the Strand
I am Water that is a Flood
I am light breaking in mothers night
I am wind in the womb
I am birth of the moon
I am the Mothers male Moon
I am the Moon that is Wet
I am Wet and Blue
I am Strong in Life
I am Mighty in Lore
I am Keeping my Name
It is Magic made in Magic
I am new in Northern Skies
I am light in the fathers eyes
I am Mothers Child
Listen to Me
I am Eloquent
Gifted in Speech
I am able to Instruct the Whole universe
I am a Wonder
I am new Like the Dew
Star of the Morning
Springtime in the Mind
I am the Wind in laughter
I am the Wind in the Trees
I am the Song in the Spring
I am the light of the day
I am the Mind in Knowledge
I am the Breath of Life
I am the East Wind
I am the Truth in Song
I am the light of Summer
I am the Light of the Day
I am the Mind in knowledge
I am the Fire of the Stars
I am the Sun In Summer
I am Mans light in the dark
I am the Wind in Song
I am the Moon in Might
I am the fire in man
I am the light of flame
I am the Summers Heat
My Fire is the Suns Fire
My Fire is the Moons Fire
My Fire is the Stars in Summers Fire
Sign in Truth is Summers Light
I am the South wind
New Moon am I
Moons Rain In Twighlight am I
I am Oceans Waves
Horses in the sea of magic
Breaking waves on the strand
To purify and cleanse this land
I am West Winds Voice in Water
Mothers womb is a Bag in the Sea
Waters of Life in Me
I am the Shell of waters
I am Waters Cold and Warm
West of Oceans of the South
I am the Lake in the plain
I am the Wave of the sea
Mist is Magic in the Well
Showers of Love
Is the western sea in me
I am the West Wind
Earth Mothers Body
I am her Body
I am the Stone Mother
Old Mother am I
Low am I
I hold the Sky
I stand in stone
Standing Stone am I
North Wind is Cold
Strong and Bold am I
I am the North Wind.
I am the Moon that is Stone
I am the Strength of Stone
I am the Stone in the Young man
I am the strength of Man
I am Stone of the Magic Tree
I am the Truth of Stone
I am the Sacred Stone of Destiny
I am the stars spinning Round
With seven oxes to plough my ground
I am An Eagle upon a Branch
I am A Serpent on a Stone
I am an Olden Fire and Golden
I am Liguer and Worts
I am the Wood beside the Fountain
I am of a Purifying Quality
Standing near the fountain in early dusk
with sweet water and herbs you can trust
I am healing with the magic of healing
I am Gold in Purple Magic Songs
I am White in Spring Birds Flight
I am Yellow in Morning Light
I am Red in Lovers Hearts
I am Green in the Spring
Go make a Spear of Ash Wood
I am the Ash Tree
I am Not a Man
I am the Song of Magic
I am whispering secrets
Wood is my Message
Willow is my Tree
and I make new
I am the Spring Child in Green
The Voice of Childhood Dreams
I am the Sound and Song of Summer
I am Whispering Secrets
Wind that Blows Like a Late Message
I am the Word in the Wind
I am the Name in Song
Keep me in the Song of Magic
I am the Song of Magic
Hearts Ease and Sorrows End
Keeper of the Door on the South Island
I am Pointing the way
I am speaking the history
I am the Books that are in your hands
I am Sows in Pens
I am horses in pastures
I am cattle in enclosures
I am Seeking in the Valley
I walking on the plain
I am a Tree by the Well
I am Notches and Knots
I am Buds and Branches
I am Stones that still stand in Memory
I am Oak Roots and Pine Branches
I am meadowsweet and broom
I am Flowers in Bloom
I am the Sun in its height
I am Noon
I am the Sword that is lightning
I am Mighty to save to free the Slave
I am Invincible in magic armour
I am Swift as light
I am silver and Bright
I am Sharp as the finest Mind
I Cut Magic Fine
I am Wind in my Wisdom
I am Wind that is Quick
I am Wind that is Sharp
I am the Lightning in the Hand
I am the Lightning in the Mind
I am the Silver Hand
I am King of the Land
I am a King and Wise
I am a year and a day
I am the true witches way
I am runes in teaching
I am years in learning
I am magics in keeping
I am Sharp and deadly
I am Rising in Fury
I am King of the Sidhe
I am King of the Last War on Earth
I am armed in the strongest Armour
I am Wearing Light
I am Power in Battle
I am Power to lead
I am in the Front Line of Battle
I am alder
I am Thrice and Nine
I am Strong and Healthy
I am a Branch of Life
I am New and Green
I am Red and Hot
I am Brown and Strong
I am Fire in Power
I am in the Front Line
I Lead the Battle in Fire
I am a Wand of Flame
I am the wood of the Battle Witch
I am years in learning
I am magics in keeping
I am not sleeping
I am Waking and Watching
Warming the heart and waking the mind
For beside my Hill that bears no ill
true love is blooming still