Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Hotel II

So I have gotten to thinking about a ritual involving Blodeuedd, let’s assume its purpose is to introduce her to a group of people, let’s say for example a group of coveners who have no experience of her and whose knowledge of her comes from reading the mabinogion and perhaps a website or two.

How would I achieve this?

Something that has been mentioned is incense, something appropriate to Her, something that resonates with Her. The first thing to spring to mind would be a blend of meadowsweet, oak blossom and broom flowers however these sorts of things would tend to smell like straightforward burning plant matter and lack the subtle perfumes of the original blossoms. Some sort of oil would be a possibility in an oil burner – it would certainly have he perfumes and also with the correct carrier it could also convey a slightly sickly sexual smell, something that resonates with Her sensuality and something deeper than a simple perfume to convey the depth to her nature beyond the simple and shallow flower maiden she is most often taken to be.

Then again, fresh flowers can have a heady scent and an almost cloying smell to them, lilies especially, something like a deep pink tiger lily with its obvious sexual morphology. I am getting thoughts of dipping the stamens or stigma (I can’t really recall my plant biology at the moment and not having the internet in the hotel means I cant check) into some spring water so that it forms a sort of pigment, this could be something to incorporate into the ritual, again its deep red colouration having obvious symbolism and connotation. Maybe into a spirit so that it is preserved and can be used for other purposes and at other times? Gin. Definitely gin. Yes, definitely gin.

No circle as such, a welcome to Her at the four quarters, above, below and at the centre. At each direction, welcoming an aspect of Her appropriate to that direction. Englyn form perhaps?

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