Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Hotel I

Well I find myself here in a hotel in Portsmouth, it is rather nice; has a double bed and a decent shower. I didn’t think I would get this nostalgic about this city, but I have. It was gorgeous tonight, heading out for dinner in the last of the bright sunshine, cool breeze and fresh air. I could seriously consider living here again, but not working for the boss I will be working for here over the next 2-3 months. I don’t like the superiority complex he has, I get the distinct feeling he is looking down his nose at me and he hasn’t been too pleasant about the Richmond office and some of the employees. Oh well.

I’m getting well off topic for this blog, but, I have nothing else to write about really so I guess this is better then nothing.

I do have a set objective for the next three nights and that is to consider Blodeuedd more. The Lilith link is something I really want to explore further, that alone opens up all sorts of doorways into what is clearly a far more complex and convoluted figure.

Be warned, I might have a go at poetry! This too has a purpose – personal work and also coven based. This wary lady is flitting at the edge of my thought and the corner of my eye, showing my flashes of her truer nature, the being he is rather than the flower maiden she has become. a sadness at a person misunderstood and maligned. A lady who did what her nature commands and was condemned for it. She is a very unchristian lady; submitting to her animal and human instincts, unafraid to suppress these desires and natures at the command of authority. Someone who did what her very being willed.

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