Friday, 28 March 2008

From here on in . . .

this could go one of two ways. I will be working in Portmsmouth for the next couple of months on secondment within the same company but a different office. I will be in a hotel most of the time with very little to keep me entertained (i refuse to get sucked into watching television again), i will have sporadic internet access.

Either I will use the nights to write like a demon and then post it up when I have access OR I wont write anything on here until June.

Mind you, it will be a good time to crystalise the thoughts and ideas floating about inside my head concerning the British Mysteries, Mochon, personal devotion work etc.


Bo said...

Write! Write!
I check here a lot and what you have to say is always interesting.

Ancestral Celt said...

Have fun in Portsmouth. I hope you write, too.

lee said...

Bo: very kind of you to say so.

AC: it should be fin seeing everyone again, will be drunk most of next week i think.

ok, I will write.