Friday, 22 February 2008

And. . . . you're back in the room

Crikey it has been a long time since I posted anything here. I don’t think there is a reason, im sure I could cook up some reasoning surrounding the ‘winter sleep’ or ‘hibernation’ however it wouldn’t be true. I have been very busy with work lately – totally new role within the business which I am loving. So, things are stirring so to speak and it is about time to start posting on here again on a more regular basis.

First of all, I giving up on the artwork idea I posted about (Blodeuedd being the first and only one) because of the total lack of anything out there. It all seems to be shite fluffy women in the vain of the piss poor Blodeuedd picture below. They are all limited to “Arianrhod”, Rhiannon and Blodeuedd and appear to totally neglect the chaps. However, there is one artist who is producing some gorgeous work of the gods and goddesses which all tend to be very good indeed; they are abstract enough to fit with most people and yet capture the deity perfectly. I especially like the Gwyn ap Nudd and Rhiannon.

ANYWAY… so where to next? I am not too sure really. I have some ideas in development, one of which being to revamp my devotional space and also my devotional practice. Mainly I want to get back to regular, simple devotional work along the lines of weekly time set aside for thoughts or offerings to a particular deity. I was getting into the habit of weekly devotional work with Anubis but that went astray towards the end of last summer and never really picked up again after moving house. As to who I will be doing devotional stuff for I don’t know, whilst I have strong leanings I think perhaps some should take the back seat for now. Even then I don’t want to suddenly want to be trying to do something most nights of the week. Perhaps something on a monthly basis, with one of four each of the given night of the week? It would certainly allow for more scope without becoming bogged down. IF that were to be the case then three would be Rhiannon, Blodeuedd and Branwen. But then there are at least two gods that I want to start developing ‘something’ with.

Ok.. real time thinking going on whilst typing. This could be dangerous as I am not a multi-tasker (eating, walking and breathing can sometimes be troublesome when I attempt to combine them).

Truthfully I don’t think things will progress with Anubis beyond what is already there. For my own reasons I do want to be focussed on the more indigenous deities, likewise the Baron and Aragne. They will have their places and will receive food and drink on occasion but as for a closer working relationship then I think that will have to wait until a more appropriate time for them and me.

So, three ladies to be tended to...