Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Blodeuedd Art

An idea I had earlier whilst bored at work, I would have a look and see what good pagan art is out there. I know of a couple of very good artists who produce some good work however I tend to come across far more rubbish.

So here is the premise: every now and again I will do a Google image search for a deity an post a representative sample with comments. I will stick to clearly intentioned art, so for instance taking only works intended to be that deity rather then something which i can use as being representative. On which subject, there is some awesome stuff out there! I have this image which is the cover art of the latest Mastodon album and this is what I think is probably the best Horned God image ever:

So, I will begin with Blodeuedd/Blodeuwedd: that wild and willful female from the story of Lleu. She who was transformed into Lilith-like owl spirit doomed to haunt the night. She who plotted to kill her husband who she was created to marry. For such a strong and wild lady with such a tragic ending we might expect some powerful imagery.... alas no as I found torrents of shitty guff transported down my telephone line and onto my laptop.

This image pretty much encapsulates the artwork out there of many modern pagan deities - utter shit. This Blodeuedd seems to fit into the vacuous and stereotypical image of her, that of a the flower maiden all pretty and floaty. It typifies the white lighters out there who tend either through ignorance or denial to avoid the less pleasant sides of many deities. On a more critical note, this picture is simplistic and childlike but not in a good way, its lacks and depth to it. She has wonky yes and the owl has a wing more out of place than the jumbo jet at Lockerbie. This is bloody shocking and whats worse is this and its ilk are pretty much all that is out there. This picture on the other hand:

Is much more what I like, its is far less literal in its approach, it incorporates the owl and 'human' aspects in a much more abstract way. This leaves the viewer to build up the image of the deity in thier own mind rather then accept at face value the artists impression of the deity. Faceless art and sculpture of gods always have more impact than those with a carefully produced face. This picture would be better if it was a little darker I think.

I cant be doing with any more of this, I like Blodeuedd, I should look into her much more especially the Lilith like association. This scouring the net for shitty pictures seem like adding to the insults that have been heaped upon her in thousand shades of nasty paint.

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The Green Witch said...

I agree with what you're saying about these two pictures. The first is fuzzy thinking at its worst; archetypal; almost Aryan in its representation. If I had to worship her I'd be worried. The second, more powerful, more balanced - feathers and claws and the possibility of blood. I don't think your efforts would be wasted contrasting more examples like this.