Friday, 30 November 2007

Twinkle Twinkle

London is crap for looking at the night sky.

However, the other night i made a midnight foray to Sainsburys and on the way go to see Orion looming in the sky above King's College Hospital. This happens to be one of the pantheon of constellations I can identify and tend to see on a semi regular basis (season permitting of course).

This idea of utilising stars and constellations in my personal practice is something I have given thought to in the past however not really done much with. Perhaps that is because they tend to be more representative of the ‘out there’ rather than the ‘down here’ and ‘all around’ which I associate deities with. That said, I wonder if perhaps they could be used more in a regulatory sense – that of identifying hen a particular deities time has come within the year. So for instance, when Orion pops his head over the winter horizon, Bendigeidfran is in ascendance and dominance as opposed to the Plant Don during the summer months. Then of course I need to look at which stars typify the summer sky. A brief Google search doesn’t seem to turn much up so I think I shall have to pay a visit to the Greenwich Observatory (damn shame).

So perhaps I could look into using the stars in this manner. It is probably well worth looking into this far more. Hell, I’m sure there a few websites where I can ask questions.

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