Wednesday, 21 November 2007

more porcine happenings

Well bloody hell. It has happened again.

Today we got moved to another part of the office complex, up on the 3rd floor in the corner out the way – nice spot, smaller desk. Next to my desk is a potted tree type of thing which is handy for screening me and my desk though I can’t see my boss approaching. I noticed something in the gravel like decoration around the base of the tree so I looked down and its a child’s plastic toy/figurine. It is a wild boar. Yes it is a huge coincidence and a monstrous case or serendipity. Why would people working in an office have a toy boar?

I want to take it as a positive ‘sign’, but I mean, kids toys again? The Baron and Arganee I can understand, perhaps there is more to Mochon than I thought.

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