Monday, 19 November 2007


Entelodonts - thug pigs of prehistory!

I have internet at home again. What a bloody saga that was!

So what has happened in the meantime, having been in touch with Mark and he tells me that Mochon would be the perfect Cymric version of the Gaulish Moccus, both being the correct derivation from Mokkonos (sp?). so that’s that worked out.

I am working on a mythic cosmology based around Mochon and was getting somewhere, on the basis of a male-female partnership tying into the agricultural year. This was working out and looking rather promising until I twigged that it was essentially the modern Wicca derived neo-pagan mythic yearly cycle. This isn’t what I was intending! So I have scrapped that.

If I am aiming for a cultic reconstruction I think perhaps sticking to a single deity is best, so Mochon as a sole focus, hermaphroditic, self sustaining and giving birth to all agriculture etc. Creative and destructive, summer and winter and so on. This will take a lot more work.

On a positive note, Emma is preparing a pig skull for me. Should be ready in a few months.

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Bo said...

Marvellous! One -n- in *Mokkonos. Lee I've reviewed Will p's book on my blog if you're interested, and i've got these articles to post to you, can you send me your address again: sorry to be a pain.