Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Mochon and a Book

This book I have alluded to, the plan runs something like this;

Seeing as I enjoyed writing the articles for Pentacle and have so far enjoyed the work in putting them together and also the website that kind of acts as a supplement to them, I began thinking (after suggestions were made) that I could do more work and come up with a book. The book would be a much fuller study of the myths placing them within a polytheistic religious system, adding a different dimension to the work out there now, in fact a totally new way of looking at them seeing as nothing of any value is out there which does this. So, my original intention was to tackle the book in the form of three sections dealing with a different cult; Crow, Bull/Eagle and Horse. then came along this idea about the swine god, he emerged out of a need to write a fourth article for Pentacle and a recollection of a sentence in P K Ford’s ‘The Mabinogi And Other Medieval Welsh Tales’. This culminated in the idea of a lost swine god cult in Britain and a means of possibly resurrecting it using existing myths, legends and folklore. The article went well as far as I am concerned though I haven’t heard of any reaction from the readers.

This whole idea of a swine cult focussed on Mochon has pretty much taken over, not only in terms of research for writing but also in terms of my own religious focus. I find myself working towards this cult to the detriment of all other Brythonic work. So now I am thinking it best to immerse myself in this totally, leave aside the others and focus on this for now. Where this will lead in terms of the book I don’t know, perhaps a book of its own or perhaps a year of study and experience which will form part of a bigger book.

So that’s the current situation. Oh, and I have some Datura seeds to plant some spring. Gods help me when they flower.


Ancestral Celt said...

Any more thoughts on this book? An update for 2008, perhaps?

Ancestral Celt said...

Have you seen this celtic pig sculpture from The Celtic Smith?