Friday, 30 November 2007

I love this...

I recently joined up to a couple of new pagan community websites, mostly to be nosey and see what was being said about me/us over the Ravenswood incidents.

Anyway, in setting up these profiles I was looking for something very antithetical to the usual pagan avatars. I settled on this beautiful image I found on the net…

Close up- it is extremely beautiful and captivating, peaceful even. Sadly this doesn’t translate when it is reduced to avatar size and look like a cute bunny hopping with glee. Perhaps this hidden irony is worth it.

Twinkle Twinkle

London is crap for looking at the night sky.

However, the other night i made a midnight foray to Sainsburys and on the way go to see Orion looming in the sky above King's College Hospital. This happens to be one of the pantheon of constellations I can identify and tend to see on a semi regular basis (season permitting of course).

This idea of utilising stars and constellations in my personal practice is something I have given thought to in the past however not really done much with. Perhaps that is because they tend to be more representative of the ‘out there’ rather than the ‘down here’ and ‘all around’ which I associate deities with. That said, I wonder if perhaps they could be used more in a regulatory sense – that of identifying hen a particular deities time has come within the year. So for instance, when Orion pops his head over the winter horizon, Bendigeidfran is in ascendance and dominance as opposed to the Plant Don during the summer months. Then of course I need to look at which stars typify the summer sky. A brief Google search doesn’t seem to turn much up so I think I shall have to pay a visit to the Greenwich Observatory (damn shame).

So perhaps I could look into using the stars in this manner. It is probably well worth looking into this far more. Hell, I’m sure there a few websites where I can ask questions.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

more porcine happenings

Well bloody hell. It has happened again.

Today we got moved to another part of the office complex, up on the 3rd floor in the corner out the way – nice spot, smaller desk. Next to my desk is a potted tree type of thing which is handy for screening me and my desk though I can’t see my boss approaching. I noticed something in the gravel like decoration around the base of the tree so I looked down and its a child’s plastic toy/figurine. It is a wild boar. Yes it is a huge coincidence and a monstrous case or serendipity. Why would people working in an office have a toy boar?

I want to take it as a positive ‘sign’, but I mean, kids toys again? The Baron and Arganee I can understand, perhaps there is more to Mochon than I thought.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Mochon and a Book

This book I have alluded to, the plan runs something like this;

Seeing as I enjoyed writing the articles for Pentacle and have so far enjoyed the work in putting them together and also the website that kind of acts as a supplement to them, I began thinking (after suggestions were made) that I could do more work and come up with a book. The book would be a much fuller study of the myths placing them within a polytheistic religious system, adding a different dimension to the work out there now, in fact a totally new way of looking at them seeing as nothing of any value is out there which does this. So, my original intention was to tackle the book in the form of three sections dealing with a different cult; Crow, Bull/Eagle and Horse. then came along this idea about the swine god, he emerged out of a need to write a fourth article for Pentacle and a recollection of a sentence in P K Ford’s ‘The Mabinogi And Other Medieval Welsh Tales’. This culminated in the idea of a lost swine god cult in Britain and a means of possibly resurrecting it using existing myths, legends and folklore. The article went well as far as I am concerned though I haven’t heard of any reaction from the readers.

This whole idea of a swine cult focussed on Mochon has pretty much taken over, not only in terms of research for writing but also in terms of my own religious focus. I find myself working towards this cult to the detriment of all other Brythonic work. So now I am thinking it best to immerse myself in this totally, leave aside the others and focus on this for now. Where this will lead in terms of the book I don’t know, perhaps a book of its own or perhaps a year of study and experience which will form part of a bigger book.

So that’s the current situation. Oh, and I have some Datura seeds to plant some spring. Gods help me when they flower.

Catch Up

Ok well there is a fair bit to say so perhaps it should be broken into two.

First off, on the news front; I have been asked to be on the council of Brython. This is a group of people with Brythonic spiritualities/religions. The aim is to provide a place where people can discuss and further their own study; somewhere we can share ideas and experiences. The website is

Also, I am now the PEBBLE rep. for Pentacle media (the community side of Pentacle magazine). This means working together with other pagan groups to further the recognition and rights of pagans in the UK. Their site is I’m not too sure how I will get on with this though I will give it a bloody good go.

Lastly, there has been a bit of a furore over the past week regarding a barrow within Ravenswood. Back-story; one member of Chiltern Kindred (heathen group, founders of Heathens for progress) passed away a few years ago and a barrow was raised in Ravenswood to hold some grave goods, her ashes were scattered elsewhere. The owners split up and the woods passed into the ownership of Paul. Jeanette remained a member of CK but was banned from the site – long story – so, Stuart (brother of the deceased) plus a few others it seems planned to go dig up the barrow and retrieve the goods. This he did, without even asking Paul (who had sworn an oath to protect the barrow). Now, the CK stand behind these actions and support Stuart fully. And they speak of honour. Where is the honour of sneaking and plotting to trespass? Where is the honour in these actions? It’s bloody disgusting. Whilst I support his right to get the goods, I abhor how this was carried out. On a side note, it was a botched job too – he didn’t even get all of the goods. Discussions have gotten very heated on this subject with CK threatening libel (no hope) and requesting discussions on other fora are deleted or hidden (fat chance). Many people have complained to PEBBLE which should be interesting as one of the CK is on the committee.

Monday, 19 November 2007


Entelodonts - thug pigs of prehistory!

I have internet at home again. What a bloody saga that was!

So what has happened in the meantime, having been in touch with Mark and he tells me that Mochon would be the perfect Cymric version of the Gaulish Moccus, both being the correct derivation from Mokkonos (sp?). so that’s that worked out.

I am working on a mythic cosmology based around Mochon and was getting somewhere, on the basis of a male-female partnership tying into the agricultural year. This was working out and looking rather promising until I twigged that it was essentially the modern Wicca derived neo-pagan mythic yearly cycle. This isn’t what I was intending! So I have scrapped that.

If I am aiming for a cultic reconstruction I think perhaps sticking to a single deity is best, so Mochon as a sole focus, hermaphroditic, self sustaining and giving birth to all agriculture etc. Creative and destructive, summer and winter and so on. This will take a lot more work.

On a positive note, Emma is preparing a pig skull for me. Should be ready in a few months.