Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Ludgate Hill

Ok well this is the first blog entry in a while and rather than try to produce some extensive ‘what I did do over the summer’ style post, I think it better to simply carry on were I left off.

This afternoon I went to see some of the sights of London as part of the ‘see the city I live in’ project. We went to St. Paul’s cathedral first of all which I was pleasantly surprised to see sits atop Ludgate Hill. I have been hoping to see what can be found regarding Ludgate since moving to London for the obvious Lludd associations. After walking up to St. Paul’s there is an open plaza type area out the front which in association with the cathedral sits slap bang on top of the original iron age settlement (1st century BCE or CE – cant recall which), I don’t know what I was expecting though a nice statue dedicated to Lludd would have been nice.

Anyhow, what I did notice were three commissioned sculptures on pillars around the plaza with the titles ‘Angel 1, 2 & 3’. They took the form of three carved stone heads atop pillars. Not exactly Brythonic statuary, but as things are, three stone heads atop Lludd’s hill go, they are very nicely appropriate I felt. What is also nice is that if an office block or two were to accidentally fall over Lludd’s hill would overlook the Thames in a manner similar to the Lydney complex dedicated to Nodens overlooks the Severn. Nodens of course became Nudd and Nudd became Lludd with the later change being very early indeed if Lydney in fact means ‘Lludd’s Place’ (thanks to Mark for that last bit, he of the never ending linguistic knowledge).

My new master plan is to head back to Ludgate Hill one evening with a bottle of something alcoholic and make a libation at the foot of the pillars with their heads. Then perhaps walk down to the Thames and throw in something, perhaps an englyn etched into copper. One possibility is to do this on the Saturday evening after the Halloween Bash as there will be several of us in that general area and considering those present it might be a nice thing to do. I guess I should get on with the composition and copper etching.

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EB said...

I usually recommend the Museum of London in the Barbican to newcomers; the exhibits I like most are from a later period than the one you mention but I think there is still enough there to make it worth a visit.