Monday, 15 October 2007


I happened to get hold of a pre-print proof of the upcoming Pentacle Magazine and so went back and read my article on the Cult of the Pig and Culhwch etc. It's a damn sight better then I remembered and since I haven't read the original on my laptop it was good to go back and read it afresh and for all intents and purposes it was as if i had not even written it (considering i have been drunk a lot in the meantime it is of no surprise it feels like it wasn't me. Billions of frazzled neurons), so that was great anyway and i think it is a construct that I will have to work on and develop in the future.

So, now that i have fulfilled my obligation to Pentacle, th next writing project on the horizon is that book. Shit.


EB said...

What book's that then? (sorry, I have quickly scanned your previous posts and didn't see it mentioned - sorry if it's in foot-high letters somewhere!)
Good to meet you yesteday by the way.

lee said...

ah... i didnt mention it. oh well, i guess i would have in time.

im writing a book on 'welsh' paganism. sort of a fuller expansion of the stuff on my website.