Monday, 29 October 2007

Halloween Bash

Last weekend was the Halloween bash in central London, as usual I was there the whole time. I was helping run the kitchen both days. All very good fun. It never fails to disappoint.

What was great to see were new stallholders who were there for the first time at this bash. Emma from Occult fetish was there (the lady I got the horse skull from) and so I understandably bought a fair bit off of her this time – magpie wings, leg and some boar teeth. She also threw in a free dried crows heart – not sure what I will do with that one! Nicky bought me a fantastic boars head pendant – cant help but love her to pieces and cant wait to go stay with her this coming weekend. Another new stallholder was a lady called Helen Leaf who had a supply of deer skins amongst other things – they were gorgeous. After a chat she told me she had a boar skin at home and would bring it in the second day, which she did and it was fantastic. After a lot of chatting she will be calling me when she gets a boar skin in this winter so that I can go down to Kent and help her prepare it prior to tanning. I will be helping to prepare my own boar hide. Cant wait.


On the subject of pigs and boars, I have begun constructing a cult fetish for my Moccus (I must find out what the Welsh equivalent would be – Mochon perhaps – must get in touch with mark about it) fascination. Currently it comprises three boar tusks, a string of antique pigs teeth and two large nape hairs from a wild boar skin. I would like to get some wheat and barley stalks too but fear these will be too brittle to work with unless they form a small dangly piece. The main body I would like is a carved stick of beech with some boar and sow imagery on it. I could always go with pyrography as I know a very clever lady who could do it for me, that being the case the stick could itself be the tale of Henwen and Twrch. So, with this central body engraved or burned, I will tie on the tusks and teeth, bind the hairs on with beeswax and then hang further cultic items from it. I’m thinking that perhaps a length of beech 2 feet long and perhaps as thick as my wrist. I can source the beech when at Nicky’s place this weekend.

As to the Baedd Gwyn book I have started, I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps I should focus on one bit at a time and maybe stick to the Pig Cult work for now and prepare a manuscript for that. Then I can work on further manuscripts in the future until I eventually knock out four books in total. This will also mean that of the next year I can live out what I am writing about, perfect and experience it too. This is going to involve a lot of thought. I mean, if I break it down into a few smaller books then I wont get anywhere near 50,000 words and so will have a harder time getting a publisher which then forces me to consider self publication. A scary yet appealing idea.

Monday, 15 October 2007


I happened to get hold of a pre-print proof of the upcoming Pentacle Magazine and so went back and read my article on the Cult of the Pig and Culhwch etc. It's a damn sight better then I remembered and since I haven't read the original on my laptop it was good to go back and read it afresh and for all intents and purposes it was as if i had not even written it (considering i have been drunk a lot in the meantime it is of no surprise it feels like it wasn't me. Billions of frazzled neurons), so that was great anyway and i think it is a construct that I will have to work on and develop in the future.

So, now that i have fulfilled my obligation to Pentacle, th next writing project on the horizon is that book. Shit.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Ludgate Hill

Ok well this is the first blog entry in a while and rather than try to produce some extensive ‘what I did do over the summer’ style post, I think it better to simply carry on were I left off.

This afternoon I went to see some of the sights of London as part of the ‘see the city I live in’ project. We went to St. Paul’s cathedral first of all which I was pleasantly surprised to see sits atop Ludgate Hill. I have been hoping to see what can be found regarding Ludgate since moving to London for the obvious Lludd associations. After walking up to St. Paul’s there is an open plaza type area out the front which in association with the cathedral sits slap bang on top of the original iron age settlement (1st century BCE or CE – cant recall which), I don’t know what I was expecting though a nice statue dedicated to Lludd would have been nice.

Anyhow, what I did notice were three commissioned sculptures on pillars around the plaza with the titles ‘Angel 1, 2 & 3’. They took the form of three carved stone heads atop pillars. Not exactly Brythonic statuary, but as things are, three stone heads atop Lludd’s hill go, they are very nicely appropriate I felt. What is also nice is that if an office block or two were to accidentally fall over Lludd’s hill would overlook the Thames in a manner similar to the Lydney complex dedicated to Nodens overlooks the Severn. Nodens of course became Nudd and Nudd became Lludd with the later change being very early indeed if Lydney in fact means ‘Lludd’s Place’ (thanks to Mark for that last bit, he of the never ending linguistic knowledge).

My new master plan is to head back to Ludgate Hill one evening with a bottle of something alcoholic and make a libation at the foot of the pillars with their heads. Then perhaps walk down to the Thames and throw in something, perhaps an englyn etched into copper. One possibility is to do this on the Saturday evening after the Halloween Bash as there will be several of us in that general area and considering those present it might be a nice thing to do. I guess I should get on with the composition and copper etching.