Thursday, 5 July 2007

Multifaith event

This weekend I am going along to a large multifaith conference/memorial event for the 7th july bombings. Im not totally sure what i am required to do though i think Jon wants me to look after a stall which has general information on paganism. From what I understand there will also be Muslims, Christians, Hindus etc and it will all be about 'getting to know each other'. It might be enjoybale, it might be a waste of my time but as I am going with Jon and Maria i shall enjoy myself with them for sure. It isnt supposedly interfaith so I shall not be expected to try to find common ground like 'some' mewling morons who pander to the interfaith groups. I see no need to gain their approval, I dont need it, I dont want it and I will not be seeking it. On the plus side, Jon is doing a talk and running a guided meditation. I think i should be there for when he fields questions to ask something nice.

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