Friday, 13 July 2007


My mandrake seedlings are doing really well. I was given them by a friend at the Beltane Bash this year. I was given four but two went to live with my good friend Claire in the hope that at least two will survive. My last attempt at growing mandrake seedlings was a disaster. This time they were already looking good when i got them, a little water, a few words to Amaethon and a drop of my own blood and they seem to be thriving. They really need re-potting and putting out into the garden. They daily reach for the window where the sunlight streams in. At some point this weekend I will buy the compost to go with the two large pots/tubs they will be housed in for the near future. I should also find out exactly they need to grow for before they can be uprooted and 'used'. That in itself will be a task.

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