Sunday, 8 July 2007

Mabinogi - E. P. Hamp

I didn’t go to London for the weekend multifaith event in the end, I have come down with something flu-like and so stuck at home to recover and rest. This means I have been in bed most of the weekend playing with the laptop and watching films.

Other than some household chores, I have gotten around to reading and digesting an essay I obtained discussing Pryderi and Mabon. By Mabon I do not mean the autumn equinox as some pagans seemed to have erroneously named it, including Raven Grimassi who I had a run in over this point. It can be read

Hamp’s essay essentially looks at the linguistic development of the word ‘mabinogi’ and he comes to the conclusion that it means (roughly) “Exploits of the family of Maponos”. His other conclusion is that the Family of Maponos went like this:

Tigernonos* and Rigatona** were the parents of Gwri/Pryderi, Gwri was consort of Matrona*** and their son was Maponos****. This is certainly different to most perceived genealogies of this family. I will certainly be looking at rebuttal and support for this idea. So far, I have seen P K Ford in favour of this family tree.

*Teyrnon, **Rhiannon, ***Modron, ****Mabon

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