Friday, 13 July 2007

Cultic Skull

I am one of those people who likes physical things, perhaps it is the Taurean in me (if i went for the whole astrology bollocks) who wants to have objects to touch and focus on. Many people on the pagan scene will tell you that these things are just trappings and are totally unnecessary. I agree with them to an extent. You don't 'need' anything really, it is all about you and your mind. However, having these physical representations are very helpful, they help focus the mind, they help ground us and bring us to a central place. When it comes down to it I can do without the physical, but for the time being and whilst I'm not under pressure and put on the spot I will keep my tools, I will keep my statuary and I will keep my lovely new horse skull.

Which brings me neatly on to the aforementioned horse skull. I picked it up for £80 from a stall at the Ludlow Esoteric Conference. It was a bargain. The lady who was running the stall had some fantastic 'dead stuff and their bits' and also has a website called
Occult Fetish. I had several long chats with her about what she does and to say it is mind boggling doesn't do it justice. Suffice to say that she is able to get dried crow's intestines. For all those seriously gruesome things I might need, she will be the person to speak to.

As to the purpose of the skull, my current thinking is to use it as the altar to a horse goddess. The name should be self evident. I have a few ideas as to how this will be set up and used including in the future an adaptation of the Mari Llwyd tradition. This old Welsh custom certainly bears the hallmarks of pre-Christian ritual/custom and the derivation of the name is also interesting. I have a couple of journal essays which discuss this and shall post more details in the future.

Now, the conflict that has arisen is a question; should I be using a horse skull as a means of focusing my veneration of a horse goddess?

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