Monday, 23 July 2007

Changing Cosmologies

This is a rather ill formed thought at the moment. Something that needs further pondering and reshaping. The current cosmology is that the harvest represents the strength of the sun god being expended to the earth goddess and the fruit of that union is the grain itself (plus the later fruit harvest). It is the sacrifice of the sun god, the blood on the corn, the giving of himself for the benefit of feeding and sustaining. From this point he weakens greatly, almost to death up until Halloween at which he passes into the Underworld. He returns again and grows in strength from yule onwards.

This is the standard cosmology that interprets the interaction of the mythic with the wheel of the year (though you may not accept this modern contruct you should at least be able to see it as a model to rationalise the changing and cyclic seasons). So, where do we stand with climate change. We are told to expect damper summers and milder winters. How will the cosmology change if at all?

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