Thursday, 5 July 2007

Cylch Riannon

For more of my life than not, I have been what would be regarded as a neo-pagan. I have spent over 14 years building my own spirituality, my own connection with the divine and in doing so have forged my own path towards a spirituality focused on the Brythonic mythos. The central drive of my creation of this blog is to chart my progress from this point onwards in a more diarised form than my own website -Y Baedd Gwyn
- and use this as the platform for the projects I have underway.

I am also begin to foster a relationship with Riannon/Rhiannon and as such have begun the development of an altar space with cultic horse skull at its centre. Rhiannon herself is generally misrepresented in neo-pagan circles with tripe such as canaries being a sacred to her. An integral part of my own spirituality is to look to academic sources and maake use fo those for interpretations and discussion of the myths. A perfect example would be the works of W. J Gruffydd who himself wrote a monumental inquiry into Rhiannon and her involvement in the mabinogion.

My intention is to fuse together personal gnosis and experience upon an academic foundation and from there build an honest and honourable relationship with my gods.

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